Salvation, whatever or whenever it may be

People are getting married in batches, I mean in batches. There's a sense of urge and Fin de siècle (end of century) in the air that people are rushing to tie the node ASAP.
At first I wonder if that has anything to do with the movie 2012, then I think it must be the fact that a large number of couple out there are not using condoms and end up with this, a last minute wedding with the bride walks down the isle having a dough in the oven. Dadokit wouldn't complaint, that's for sure.
Three, out of six, of the grandchildren of my grandmother are both emotionally and financially secure to get married, either have already done so or close enough on their way. I am not one of them, just because I and my girl friend are not financially nor geographically prepared. In the past sic years or so we've demonstrated to the world the best and the worst of long distance relationship. To be honest, I would like the least to keep on showing them what a long distance marriage would look like, be it good or bad.
A democrat wannabe just quite being democratic soon after realizing he is emotionally devoted to someone, and has a MOP2M apartment to pay for. Let alone whether one can quit certain political view just like that, I don't see a thing that comes between being a political pioneer and a good lover.
As far as I concern, I can't thank my girlfriend enough for her tolerance for things she doesn't do and regardlessly let me go on. That is one major difference that makes her stand out from all the peers. For the short sad little life that I've lived so far, most of the women who are smart enough to go out with me, are either unable to appreciate my situation, or ignorant to the gravity of the values that I value. Most of them just pay attention because they wanna impress.
You never know enough how much a good women can help.

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