Things on My Shelf

A have a shelf as part of my computer desk, right in front of me above the monitors. A cheaply made blown-up print of Gracinda's head shot, artificially tined to imitate the sepia tone, was stuck there and cover one third of the shelf. Behind it is a box of DVDs: Band of Brothers. They come in handy when I have an hour or so to kill. The opposite side houses a bunch of clear file I suppose to use and never get to.
Between them is a couple of bottles, a tiny greenish ration of extra virgin oil for my soup, a Nivea deodorant for times that even I can't take my own scent, and a Tabasco Chipotle. If the name Chipotle doesn't remind you of anything, it is a kind of smoke dried jalapeño chili. It tastes like a 5-0 victory in Higbury with Chinese barbecue.

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